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Accelerating Partnerships for Water Management Decision making

Impediments in basins cooperative processes result from or drive lack of agreement on water management. It is possible that a reluctance to solve problems emerges as a response to an ineffective implementation of a previous agreements or to shifting national and regional contexts. The Shared Water Facility supports existing successful approaches and where needed develop formal and informal relationships, institutional support, and inter-governmental dialogue through:



Technical advice and interactive processes that provide science-based data, research and analysis that support stakeholder exchanges and negotiations.


Knowledge management

Collection of evidence on the benefits of strategic collaboration for economic development and peaceful prosperity.


Support services

Collaboration on tools, methodologies and data to assist coordination of shared water initiatives through training, data sharing, and development of joint initiatives and projects.



Organisation of roundtables among States, the donor community, intergovernmental organisations, private sector and partners to develop strategies for inclusive and long-term transboundary water cooperation.

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IWMI is a research-for-development organization with offices in 13 countries and a global network of scientists operating in more than 30 countries. For over three decades, IWMI's research results have led to changes in water management that have contributed to social and economic development.


The Water Conflict Management Programme from Oregon State University serves as a training, resource, and information hub for students, citizens, officials, and business leaders in Oregon, across the United States, and internationally, facilitating dialogue on critical water issues across diverse values and perspectives.


The IUCN Global Water Programme is a trusted partner for action and knowledge on sustainable water resource management. Bringing together an extensive network of IUCN Members, experts, government and private sector partners, its work focuses on promoting good water governance, implementing nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation, protecting freshwater biodiversity, and supporting increased investment in ecosystems as natural water infrastructure.

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